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About Miracle Builders Group

Miracle Builders Group is a full-service, turn-key, custom home and major renovation general contractor servicing the San Francisco Bay Area.

We’re a premier Silicon Valley design-build firm, committed to crafting exceptional luxury homes and commercial properties.

Miracle Builders Group is a premier full-service turnkey design-build firm serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We take pride in crafting exceptional luxury homes that reflect the owner's unique vision and individuality. With decades of industry experience, our founder, Robert Berkovich, brings a distinctive background in construction and interior design, transforming the luxury home landscape with unmatched craftsmanship and innovative design.

Meet Miracle Builders

Our personalized approach ensures every project receives unparalleled quality and attention. With Robert's regular presence on job sites, clients can trust that their dream homes will be built to the highest standards, bringing their unique visions to life. If you seek a design-build firm in the Bay Area capable of delivering unrivaled attention to detail and bespoke service, contact us today to learn more about our custom home building process and schedule a visit with our expert team.

The Team

Meet our leadership

We’re a passionate group of individuals, dedicated to making our clients’ dreams come true.

  • Robert

    Robert Berkovich


    Meet Robert, the visionary CEO of Miracle Builders Group and its two subsidiaries. With an illustrious two-decade journey in the industry, he has masterfully overseen the design and construction of numerous luxury homes throughout the Bay Area. Fueled by a passion for excellence, Robert established Miracle Builders Group with a clear mission—to bestow his customers with a seamless, transparent, and top-tier building experience. His unwavering commitment to each project ensures that every client's expectations are not only met but surpassed with flying colors.

  • Sasha

    Alexandra Berkovich

    Lead Designer

    Meet Alexandra, an award-winning designer renowned for her exceptional work in designing luxury European-style homes throughout the Bay Area. With a passion for understanding her clients' needs and visions, she goes above and beyond to create personalized spaces that exude elegance and style. A great communicator, Alexandra ensures a seamless journey for her clients, making them feel like family by the end of the process. Her dedication to creating breathtaking spaces that reflect her clients' unique personalities has earned her numerous accolades and a loyal clientele who entrust their dreams to her artistic vision.

  • Lana

    Lana Aliyev

    Director of Operations

    Meet Lana, the most organized person we know. With a laser-focused approach, she excels in coordinating and overseeing every project to ensure seamless and timely execution. Her expertise in optimizing operations and streamlining processes plays a vital role in delivering successful outcomes for our clients. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Lana is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and client satisfaction. Her dynamic leadership and meticulous attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to our firm, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle comes together seamlessly, resulting in the creation of stunning homes.

  • Boris

    Boris Hadirca

    Project Manager

    Meet Boris, the backbone of our build firm and a hands-on expert in delivering exceptional results. With a wealth of experience as a general contractor and project manager, he brings unwavering dedication to every endeavor. You can find Boris on the job site every day, diligently overseeing and ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed with precision and excellence. Under his skilled guidance, our projects thrive, and our clients' visions come to life in the most remarkable way.

  • Liza

    Elizabeth Berkovich

    Director of Marketing

    Meet Elizabeth, our Marketing Director with over 5 years of experience. She's the creative force behind our brand, handling everything from social media to project photoshoots. Elizabeth doesn't just market; she becomes a part of each project and is passionate about telling the stories behind everything that we do. She also enjoys engaging with clients and nurturing a positive community around our brand.

  • David DiDonato


    Meet David, a true master of every facet of building with 43-years of experience in the industry. His passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment to success set him apart as a proven leader in handling complex, multi-million dollar residential and commercial projects. David's extensive experience directly translates to cost savings for our valued customers, alongside elevated quality and flawless finish. As a skilled communicator, he coordinates the ideas of homeowners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors, forging an accurate and successful implementation of their shared vision.


What distinguishes Miracle Builders Group from other general contractors is our status as a design-build firm, complete with two exceptional subsidiaries. This unique setup grants you unrivaled convenience, as we become your one-stop-shop for all aspects of the project, ensuring seamless execution and the highest quality at every turn.

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European Cabinets provides top-tier designers, installers, and premium products imported from Italy. We maintain a relationship with the leading Italian manufacturers and brands, to provide our customers with the highest quality Italian-made products.

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At Bay StoneWorks, our services encompass fabrication and installation for custom kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and beyond. No matter the level of customization, count on us to bring your vision to life.

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We maintain partnerships with the leading Italian manufacturers and brands, to provide our customers with the highest quality Italian-made products.









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